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Our Value Chain

In Dole UK, we’re active right across the supply chain. We deliver synergies, efficiencies, experience, expertise and innovation. We extract costs, add value, reduce risk and drive quality.

Our Models

Based in Maidstone, Kent, Dole UK retail operates several business models

  • Full Service

    Our full service model offers our customers the complete end to end service, from procurement right through to retail strategy and everything in between. Specialising in Berries, Apples & Pears, Stone fruit and Kiwi, we have a dedicated team in every stage of the process. Creating long term relationships with customers and growers is the core philosophy of this model

    Spalding QC
  • Service Provision

    Creating something more bespoke for a customer is a key service we pride ourselves on being able to offer. The service provision model does just that, allowing customers to have as much control in the process as they desire and then we take on the rest. This way of working allows us to get closer to growers and customers but also provide key services that are required

    Matt Olly
  • Directs

    We developed a directs model for our UK business to facilitate a route to market for our own global production as well as for key strategic suppliers that we work with. A mostly logistics based model we offer additional services as required by customers and growers alike in order to help build both of their businesses


Dole Services

Dole Services is a dedicated packing facility for Dole UK and selected partners, based in Spalding, Lincolnshire. 

With state of the art facilities including packing, ripening, handling and storage, we operate 24/7 throughout the year delivering exceptional service to our customers

Contact us to see how we can help facilitate your packing and distribution requirements

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Quality in Motion

At Dole UK, we pride ourselves on quality, not only of the products that we supply but quality integrated right throughout the supply chain and in all aspects of our business

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