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Global by nature

At Dole we believe that it is by bringing together the collective resources and strengths of diverse fresh produce providers from across the globe, that our customers and consumers can best be served. In bringing to bear our global reach, our capacity for collective procurement and our shared core competencies from across our global group, we can deliver synergies and efficiencies across operations and logistics, extend availability and range, add value and assure best practices from seed to store.


Global Operations

  • We’re a primary grower! Extensive in-house production across the globe.

  • Dole Shipping and supply chain infrastructure- ensuring consistency and continuity of supply.

  • Customising our products- Ripening and storage facilities across the world.


Vertically integrated from farm to fork, Dole’s global reach and infrastructure extracts costs, adds value and assures quality.

Dole’s global reach and resources complements its on-the- ground presence in key markets across Europe, North America and beyond enabling us to assure best agronomic and sustainable practices from field to fork. It delivers economies of scale, synergies and efficiencies, creating value and ensuring continuity and consistency of supply. Our state-of-the-art logistical infrastructure ensures our produce arrives to market in pristine condition, ready to be enjoyed by consumers across all across Ireland.

Global Reach & Resources

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Our Production

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Meet our growers and producers

When you think of pineapples, you think of Dole. With a deeper golden shell, richer golden flesh, and delicate aromatic check out Dole's new Golden Selection® Pineapples.”

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Dole Grower Pineapple Grower

The most important thing is that we are preserving our soils. I believe that healthy soils grow a healthy crop which grows healthy people.

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“There's hands-on care and quality-control at every step as DOLE Bananas make their way from the farms and into a store near you”

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Banana Grower